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Importance of Technical Writing

Although creative writing is a complex and complicated discipline in its own right, it would be wrong to consider that mastering it can give you any edge at all in technical writing. Technical writing follows a completely different set of rules and principles; and the importance of their proper implementation… Read More →

Vietnam as the Socialist Republic

For the Westerners Vietnam is mostly interesting as a side in the Vietnam war; after the end of the US participation in this conflict Vietnam just kind of ceases to exist. Which, of course, isn’t so – after the victory of the Northern Vietnam in the war the country had… Read More →

US Army Civil Affairs

When thinking about the US Army we tend to forget that it is not homogenous and is not comprised entirely of people whose job is to take part in actual fighting. There are other subdivisions with their own specific goals and purposes, and the US Army Civil Affairs is one… Read More →

What Is Human Resources Management

Any organization is as good and competent as the people it is comprised of. Some would say that with the advent of technological era the role of human being in production of goods is steadily on the decline – that is, machines and high-tech tools replace people in their traditional… Read More →

Shocking Education Stats that You Didn’t Know

Education is considered a great equalizer, something countries and leaders the world over know rather well. The world inches on towards the goal of ensuring universal literacy. This noble goal, however, is still far off, as political, economic, religious and economic disputes are prone to remind the world. It’s not… Read More →

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