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An In-Depth Manual on How to Write a Research Paper

How to Choose a Topic The first and arguably the most important step in writing a research paper is choosing a topic you will not regret later on – depending on the size and type of your paper, you may spend from days to months working on it. Compared with… Read More →

How to Write an Essay: an Ultimate Guide

Essays are probably the most common task you are going to encounter in your academic career. They often come up as class and homework assignments in middle and high school and are always used as a part of college admission process: you are going to write them throughout college and,… Read More →

Want to Become Smarter? Take up a Hobby!

While we are all born with certain limitations, both physical and psychological, our potential for development is grand. When we learn new skills, our brain develops neural pathways that increase its capacities and make it work in a more effective way. As students, we can benefit from this a lot…. Read More →

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