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6 Technological Advancements to Hone Your Academic Writing Skills

What do you do when you can’t get a paper started? Imagine yourself sitting in front of your laptop, staring at the screen, holding your fingers across the keyboard yet nothing happens. You can’t get anything off the ground, and as much as you “want to” do something, the “how… Read More →

10 Minute Presentation Topics to Rock at Your Social Studies Class 

10 minute presentations are a popular way for social studies professors to assess their student’s understanding of the class content or the success of a research project. In social studies classes, presentations are often a great way for you to present a case study and practice making your own analysis… Read More →

5 Abnormal Psychology Case Studies That Are Worth Your Attention 

If you find people remotely interesting (and who doesn’t), you probably find unusual patterns of behavior and conditions such as schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder somewhat fascinating. For psychology students, these topics in abnormal psychology are particularly interesting. Behaviors that are statistically deviant have long been a point of interest… Read More →

Sample Essay “The Importance of Music in Language Learning”

However trite it may sound, but music is a very important and powerful part of human culture, and an immanent part at that. All human cultures and civilizations have some notion of music, and it is widely speculated that music was the first art form mastered by humans as a… Read More →

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