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This category includes book review samples. Moreover, you can find here our feedback to the recently published books.

Book Review on The Hidden Life of Dogs

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas is a pretty well-known author of a number of books dealing with social lives of animals (dogs and deer, for example) and primitive tribes, both contemporary and ancient (her primary specialization is anthropology). In The Hidden Life of Dogs she tries to get an insight into what… Read More →

The Snow Queen by Michael Cunningham

The new novel by Michael Cunningham, The Snow Queen, takes its name from the famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, telling the story about love and how its power can eventually prevail over any adversity. Cunningham is known as the author of several critically acclaimed novels, including: The Hours,… Read More →

Telling Victim from Villain at Duke

Although the infamous Duke University lacrosse scandal is long gone and mostly forgotten, there are still people interested in it and people ready to use this interest. Among them – William D. Cohan, the author of a new and very thorough retelling (it cannot be called investigation per se) of… Read More →

And They Lived Happily Ever After

Almost every reader expects the same image at the end of any romantic book. Lovey-dovey promises, tender looks, passionate kisses – and then they lived happily ever after, despite unpaid bills, routine and unhealthy food habits. There is nothing new about marriages and sweet book endings, though sad endings and… Read More →

Living Horizontally

Our entire culture, as well as our hectic day and age, have very strict views on lying down, getting up late and in general spending our time sleeping or simply reclining in bed. Famous high-achievers tend to state that they get by with no more than six hours of sleep… Read More →

Writing News: Angry White Men

You were born a white man and an American, so you have the right to get admitted to the best universities of your country in the first place, over women and colored people. You have the right to get the best job and the highest salary. Your wife looks up… Read More →

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