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Controversial topics are always interesting to discuss. Here we encourage you to share your thoughts and reasoning.

Sample College Term Paper

A sample college term paper is an example of academic work that discusses a certain topic, arguments for or against which are supported by reliable references. Thus, an introduction of such essay must be short but coherent and end with a clear thesis. The main arguments regarding the chosen topic… Read More →

New Education Trends in 2015

Today’s world moves at breakneck speed: if previously it would have taken a decade or two for a new trend in education to form and firmly take hold, today we sometimes see a new idea to appear, get adopted and abandoned all in a year or two. As a result,… Read More →

Intertextuality in Academic Writing

Nothing in this world exists in isolation, and texts are no exception. Any piece of writing exists in context of all the other texts that were written before and will be written after. It may not have immediate connections to most of them, but it may be related to any… Read More →

Best Reputed World Universities Announced

The Times Higher Education has published the annual list of top 100 influential, powerful and best reputed universities in the world. The list is published since 2011, with the research methods growing in complexity and finesse every year. In order to eliminate the possibility of subjectivity, the survey is carried… Read More →

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