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Jane Copland

This is the blog by Jane Copland. Jane writes about education techniques, international education and writing tendencies. She is a passionate PR manager at ThePensters.com – the community of freelance academic writers. She’s into writing, technology and psychology.

20 Health Care Topics That Are on Point in the XXI Century

New scientific research on health and wellness comes out every single day. People all over the world can access this information in a matter of minutes on the Internet, asking questions and writing essays themselves, contributing to an active dialogue on improving health care. Discovering the latest, popular health trends… Read More →

3 Steps to Craft a Body of Research Paper to Attract the Reader

To create a perfect paper that will both meet all the professor’s demands and will be interesting for the audience who’s reading it, a student has to work really hard. The personal, rich details that you choose to include in your paper have the starring role in making people certain… Read More →

Help Your Tomorrow: Why You Have to Handle Social Studies Homework on Your Own

Is it really important to study social studies? After all, it’s not an essential skill like mathematics, reading and writing. Maybe you think that doing social studies homework is just a waste of time. You may feel tempted to ask someone for social studies homework help so that you can… Read More →

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