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Lily Wilson

Lily Wilson is an experienced academic writer who shares her insights and tips on all types of academic papers. We advise Lily’s posts if you desperately need to improve your writing.

A New Take on Writing an Essay: Order of Importance Is Here to Stay

There are many approaches to organizing one’s essay, and the only thing they have in common is that an essay needs organization – otherwise it becomes a pain to both write and read. One of the most widespread and commonly used methods utilizes an essay order of importance – in… Read More →

5 Student Competitions You Can Take Part in with Your Project Samples

Honing your skills is an important part of maximizing your educational experience. There are numerous competitions available for students. These competitions enable you to show off your talents while making your resume much more interesting. Participating in these competitions will give you additional valuable experience, help build your portfolio and… Read More →

5 Activities for Creativity Improvement for Students

It’s not uncommon for students to experience “blocks” when facing everyday challenges in school. You can’t get that exam ready, you can’t put yourself up to writing that essay, or simply, homework assignments start to seem tedious or mundane. If you recognize yourself in some of these situations, don’t sweat… Read More →

10 Minute Presentation Topics to Rock at Your Social Studies Class 

10 minute presentations are a popular way for social studies professors to assess their student’s understanding of the class content or the success of a research project. In social studies classes, presentations are often a great way for you to present a case study and practice making your own analysis… Read More →

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