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Steven Arndt

Steven Arndt is a passionate writer, educator and a former History teacher. He adores writing about the education system and its flaws.

5 Abnormal Psychology Case Studies That Are Worth Your Attention 

If you find people remotely interesting (and who doesn’t), you probably find unusual patterns of behavior and conditions such as schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder somewhat fascinating. For psychology students, these topics in abnormal psychology are particularly interesting. Behaviors that are statistically deviant have long been a point of interest… Read More →

Silver Lining for the Admission Process. I’m in!

For a long time both parents and would-be students have been complaining about the inhumanity and unfairness of college admission process. It is too much, they say. Colleges are too concentrated on results and personal achievement and don’t pay nearly enough attention to kindness, good citizenship and authenticity of each… Read More →

How to Write an Industrial Visit Report

Students, especially those involved in studying engineering, computer science and similar disciplines, often have to take part in the so-called industrial visits – they are expected to visit an industrial plant, see it in action and prepare a report about this event. Unfortunately, they are rarely given coherent instructions as… Read More →

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