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Here are the most recent and the most interesting news from the literary world.

Children’s Author Declines Amazon-Backed Award

British author of children’s books, Allan Ahlberg, has declined the inaugural Booktrust Best Books Lifetime Achievement Award on a pretext that it is sponsored by Amazon. He states that his dislike of Amazon is based on ‘ethical grounds’: because of numerous reports of Amazon’s tax evasion in the UK Ahlberg… Read More →

Philip Roth: «There’s More to Life Than Writing»

Philip Roth, the world-famous fiction writer, remains true to his decision to leave literature. He finished his last book in 2009, and since that time, according to him, he hasn’t written a word. «I have no desire to write fiction» – insists Roth in his last interview. It is hard… Read More →

A Lot of Joy, Not so Much Fun: A Book for Parents to Read

The 20th century was an epoch of a rapid evolution in various scientific fields as well as in the sphere of human relations. Among many other things, the concept of parenthood was completely and absolutely changed during this period of time. If earlier children usually weren’t the most honored members… Read More →

Asian Writers on English American Literature and Mainstream

During the recent Jaipur Literature Festival Xiaolu Guo, an award-winning writer and film-maker, voiced her concerns about the domination of English American literature in modern world and its negative influence (in her opinion) on the reading habits on a broader scale. Together with Jhumpa Lahiri, an Indian/American writer who has… Read More →

Writing Teenage Novels May Lead to Suicide

Ned Vizzini, a popular teenage novels writer, sure knew what he was writing about, for the main topics of his books are depression and teenage anxiety (though put out in a humorous manner). On December the 19-th he committed a suicide in Brooklyn by jumping off the roof. For one… Read More →

Manil Suri Wins One of the Most Dreaded Literary Prizes

On Tuesday, December 3, Maryland writer and professor of mathematics Manil Suri won the Bad Sex Award for his novel “The City of Devi”. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Bad Sex Award is an annual prize, given by Britain’s Literary Review to various writers in order to ”draw attention to the… Read More →

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