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Looking for Alibrandi: Book vs Movie

After reading the famous book “Looking for Alibrandi”, every reader decides to get into the screen story and analyze it, compare it to the book in order to find differences and similarities.   Let’s start with the similarities The biggest similarity for every reader will be the way the author… Read More →

A Little Bit of Gothic

If you like Jane Austen’s work you have probably already heard about the Austen Project. Within this ambitious undertaking a number of modern writers publish their takes on classical Austen’s plots, not only reimagining them in contemporary settings, but reworking them to create new works of fiction. Val McDermid is… Read More →

Book Review on The Hidden Life of Dogs

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas is a pretty well-known author of a number of books dealing with social lives of animals (dogs and deer, for example) and primitive tribes, both contemporary and ancient (her primary specialization is anthropology). In The Hidden Life of Dogs she tries to get an insight into what… Read More →

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