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Weird Writing Habits of Famous Writers

Famous writers are often remembered not just for their work, but also for unusual, outrageous, peculiar and just plain weird conditions in which they created them, their daily routines, strange preferences and idiosyncrasies. May years after their deaths these writing habits continue to fascinate us, perhaps attracting even more interest… Read More →

IQ – Does It Say The Truth?

Did you know an average person has an intelligence quotient (IQ) of 100 points? The highest IQ recorded in history was of Marilyn vos Savant, who got an intelligence quotient of 228! Did you know what vos Savant’s claim to fame was? A few ‘Dear Abby’ styled columns and a… Read More →

Typewriter Nostalgia Craze Comes to iPad

This summer we witnessed a weird tendency in the world of iPad apps: contending typewriter apps fighting for the attention of users nostalgic about this writer’s accessory from the bygone era. The first one, Hanx Writer, rose to the top of iTunes chart in less than two weeks after launching,… Read More →

New Curriculum Reveals Gaps in Teachers’ Knowledge

According to Girls’ School Association president Alice Phillips, recent changes in national curriculum have uncovered unpleasantly surprising gaps in the expertise of the majority of younger teachers. Since last year grammar and spelling are graded separately from each other in GCSEs, which turned out to be even more problematic for… Read More →

Literary Frenemies

What is a friend? For most people, the answer to this question will be something along the following lines: it is a person who is ready to reassure you when you feel down, who supports you in all your undertakings, always has a kind word for you, provides a shoulder… Read More →

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