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Essay from Jacqueline Marie Krantz – Second ThePensters Writing Contest Medalist #3

Virtually Realistic? Many children have watched movies and read books in which the characters pass notes in class, but hardly any have passed notes themselves. Texting has replaced note-passing. Most children have taken written notes in their classes, but as college approaches, notebooks are traded for computers or tablets. Gone… Read More →

Essay from Joel S. Burma – Second ThePensters Writing Contest Medalist #2

Evolving traditional education into virtual reality classes has many advantages; however, it also has many limitations overriding the benefits and therefore it will not replace traditional education in the foreseeable future. Firstly, virtual reality classes would result in children spending more time at home by themselves with a mask over… Read More →

Essay from Tyra White – Second ThePensters Writing Contest Medalist #1

The Future of Education: The Virtual Classroom For as long as formal education has existed, traditionally, students participate in an on-site session, in which a teacher provides lectures. Traditional education once required library visits, utilizing the Dewey Decimal System, and neatly printing ten page research papers by hand. Fortunately, what… Read More →

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