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Writing Book Chapters for Children with ThePensters

ThePensters is an innovative writing service where you can order any kind of written assignment samples, from essays to chapter books online. Complexity and urgency don’t matter – we have services of all kind for sale.

Why You Should Consider Ordering Book Chapters from ThePensters

The main characteristic feature of ThePensters is its versatility and flexibility – whether you need a chapter or an entire book, there will be someone to help you out.

Your Problem

  • You need books for kids, but have no idea what to write
  • You need a book that would be popular with kids of a particular age
  • You need texts that would be both educational and easy to read
  • You need a writer with a strong linguistic intuition
  • You need a book at short notice

Our Solution

  • We have specialists in children’ literature on our staff
  • We can tailor a book to any age: children of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 years old, toddlers, teens, you name it
  • We provide books that even a kid who is just beginning to learn how to read will cope with
  • We know how to write for boys and girls, for first graders, for children in kindergarten, for whoever you ask
  • We know how to write when pressed for time

Writing books for children shouldn’t be a torture – so why not delegate it to the company that made it its business?

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Why ThePensters: Long Story Short

Even good writing services that provide writing for 1st grades aren’t very inventive about their features:

  • being online twenty-four-seven;
  • free formatting;
  • simple and non-intrusive registration procedure;
  • money back guarantee;
  • affordable assistance;
  • efficient customer support.

Our agency, however, doesn’t stop at that:

  • You select the writer that suits you best. Be it a popular professional or an inexpensive beginner, it’s your choice, we don’t force you to buy anything.
  • Discuss the assignment with the writer. The second you make a purchase, you get full access to online communication with your writer.
  • Our help is reasonably priced. Our service will never make you pay an arm and a leg.
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How to Do It

ThePensters went rather far from the classic scheme of a writing service.

how it works Submit new order Get bids from writers Choose your writer

Step 1. You place an order and give us details: how early you need the first draft, what topics and subjects you need covered.

Step 2. Our writers start bidding on your project.

Step 3. You study the examples of their work and decide which is the best for your assignment.

Nothing can be simpler – even if you are a complete beginner in this kind of thing, you will find just the writer you need.

Still unsure if you can entrust the work of this type to us? Here are some more reasons to trust us:

  1. Rigorous testing and training. Each of our writers has proved his/her abilities and expertise. If a writer claims to be able to write books for 2nd or 3rd grade, for example, he has to show us several chapters of his/her previous work.
  2. Ongoing rating system. This really cool feature allows our clients to evaluate the performance of our writers after every assignment, keeping them on their toes.

Your success is just as important for us as it is for you. We have been perfecting our system of providing writing services for years, enjoying an excellent reputation among our customers – and would be more than happy to have you join them!