A brand new kind of a custom writing service

ThePensters: The Best Analytical Essay Writing Ever

ThePensters signifies the coming of a new kind of writing services – the one that doesn’t hide the identities of its writers, but allows you to study their profiles, track records, ratings, feedback from other customers and buy analytical essays from whomever impressed you the most.

Why You Will Benefit from Hiring ThePensters

You may have no time left until the deadline, the topic may be incomprehensible, and the tutors’ demands may be most unreasonable, but come to us and we will deal with the problem.

Your Problem

  • Essay writing is entirely formal for your future line of work.
  • English is your second language.
  • Library research is time-consuming and unfulfilling.
  • You have no talent for writing.
  • You have no spare time to busy yourself with unnecessary essay writing.

Our Solution

  • Our writers know their job and like to do it.
  • Most our writers are native English speakers with perfect grasp of grammar.
  • Our writers are skilled and proficient at research.
  • Our authors are both talented and experienced.
  • Our writers have learned to work efficiently.

Exhausted by mad requirements of your tutors? Afraid to come near your computer for there is constantly a pile of analytical essay writing waiting for your attention?

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In What Ways Is ThePensters Different?

We combine all the qualities of the best traditional writing services, for example:

  • installment-based payments;
  • satisfaction guarantee;
  • on-time completion or your money back;
  • careful plagiarism checks;
  • complete confidentiality of all transactions;
  • 24/7 availability.

These standard features go hand in hand with a number of interesting features of our own invention:

  • You know who you are dealing with. We don’t impose our choices on you: select any of our 400+ freelance academic writers based on whatever criteria you want.
  • Talk to the writer without intermediaries. We allow what most other services avoid – you can communicate directly with the writer, thus increasing general efficiency.
  • Less spending. Most writing companies give only about 40% of your fee to the writer, which means that their services are either greatly overpriced or they hire third-rate writers. We don’t collect these over-bloated fees, which means better prices for you.
  • Flexibility. Different writers mean different prices – choose whatever suits you.
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Ordering from ThePensters

We have one of the simplest and most efficient order systems in the industry:

how it works Submit new order Get bids from writers Choose your writer

Step 1. You place an order with the help of New Order option, giving as many details as possible.

Step 2. Writers peruse your project, and those who are interested, leave bids.

Step 3. You go through the received bids, compare them, study the profiles of those who left them, their track records, ratings and comments from previous customers, and choose the most suitable one.

It is much easier than writing on your own – and you still have control over the proceedings!

And you may be completely sure that the writer knows what he/she is doing, because of:

  1. Elaborative testing system. In order to evaluate knowledge, skills and proficiency of every potential writer we subject each of them to a series of rigorous tests, and only those who pass them with flying colors are allowed to work with ThePensters.
  2. Rating system. Each assignment is rated by the customer who ordered it, and the resulting marks form writer’s rating. We never keep authors who cannot maintain our standard of quality.

No more beating your brains over the assignments that aren’t going to be of any use in your future work, no more doing hours upon hours of research to write a couple of lines, no more dealing with writing services of questionable reputation. Try ThePensters and you will find your life getting much easier!