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ThePensters is a totally new kind of a writing service, the likes of which you’ve never seen. Here, you can buy definition essays, confident they will be written by competent freelance academic writers, who you choose. Here you have the full control over the project and pay less than usual all at the same time!

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Put simply, if there is any kind of academic problem that needs solving, like writing a dissertation, research paper or editing a draft, we can deal with it. Especially if it's a definitive essay. Once you place your order, there is no more need to worry. “Can you help me with my problem?” - easy.

Your Problem Our solution
Numerous assignments, no time to work. Hundreds of writers are eager to work in your stead.
English is not your native language. Most our writers are fluent English speakers.
Spelling and grammar are not your strong suits. Each definitive essay is carefully spellchecked and analyzed for grammar mistakes.
Deadline is breathing down your neck. Our writers are specially trained to work when pressed for time.
You don’t know the topic too well. Among our writers we have specialists in all possible fields of knowledge.
You just need an editor to take a look. Our writers are skilled enough to perform it.

You will have hard time finding definition essay writing of comparable quality anywhere on the Internet. And you certainly won’t find anything as affordable! Browse our website to see what else we have to offer and order high quality papers for cheap, on any topic.

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4 Reasons to Choose ThePensters

Most writing services offer more or less the same set of features:

  • round-the-clock customer support;
  • confidentiality of transactions;
  • custom made content;
  • absence of plagiarism;
  • refunds if something goes wrong;
  • competent writers;
  • prompt attention to all orders.

ThePensters offers the same (and actually delivers, unlike some other services), but we have some additional aces up the sleeve:

  • Cost efficiency – we don’t collect standard service fees that usually constitute the bulk of what you pay. Therefore, we offer superior quality at bargain prices.
  • Choose the writer. We let you choose the writer who suits you best from those represented in our database.
  • Direct communication. Talk over the details of your assignment directly with the writer, without using customer support as a proxy. You will see when the writer is online, so you can easily chat them up.
  • Full control. You may control the entire process of writing or leave it entirely to the author.
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How to Do It?

Can’t wait to place an order with us? Nothing can be simpler!

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Step 1. Press the New Order button and fill in the order form – try to give as many details as possible.

Step 2. Wait for our freelance academic writers to study your order and place their bids on it. These bids contain their prices, comments and additional conditions.

Step 3. After that it’s your call which writer to choose. If their bids aren’t enough, feel free to study their profiles – they contain all kinds of useful information.

Now you just wait for your expert to write the paper. Doesn’t look too hard, does it?

But what if you are unsure about the qualifications of our writers?

We only hire people with serious backgrounds in academic writing and test them thoroughly. The writer willing to work for ThePensters has to prove his/her ability to live up to the high expectations of our clients – which means that they have to perform all kinds of tests before any actual work.

Feedback and rating systems. The marks you see near our writers’ names are not just for show – they are based on real marks given to our writers by people whose essays they’ve written.

ThePensters is truly a writing service of a new kind. We prefer quality over quantity, we don’t give unfeasible promises, we don’t overcharge our clients, we give both customers and writers as much freedom as possible. We have been in this business for a long time – and we intend to go on doing our job as well as possible.