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Are you tired of both writing essays on your own and hiring random people via shady Internet custom writing companies? If yes, then you’ve just stumbled upon the perfect solution to your academic problems: ThePensters offers you unrivalled quality, reasonable prices and innovative approach to online essay help. All of it thanks to the pool of freelance academic writers we have. A professionally written college essay, research or term paper, or even dissertation – nothing is impossible for ThePensters company experts!

You Ask How ThePensters Can Assist You?

“I’m hiring some kind of helper but is he or she going to do it with the required research and post editing? Do you have a qualified editor to polish my papers to make it perfect for me?”

This is one of the many concerns that we hear from our customers and encourage you to be vocal about both with us and your potential worker. Our customer support will satisfy any of your queries.

We assure you that no matter what your problem is, how urgent and how complex it is, you will find a quick, comprehensive and, last but not the least, cheap solution. Once you order an essay or two from our service, our competent writers will prepare a high-quality example of how this type of academic project should look like to guarantee the highest grades.

Your Problem Our solution
Your essay has a tight deadline. Our writers are used to delivering top-notch essays even if it doesn’t seem to be humanly possible to do it on time.
Unfortunately, you have poor writing skills and you need high quality essay assistance. We have more than 500 professional freelance academic writers who write essays every day.
You need time to concentrate on other activities. Our experts can do the job quickly and efficiently leaving you with all the other queries.
You aren’t a native speaker, plagued by lots of grammar mistakes. Most our writers are native English speakers with backgrounds in their chosen fields.
You just don’t need essay writing for your future career. OK! Then simply let our freelance academic writers spare you the trouble.
You want to be sure about the quality of our writers’ work. We have a huge database of the examples of previously written papers that demonstrate the quality of work our experts provide.

The essay is due tomorrow morning, you’ve got no idea what APA formatting means and have to use a dozen perfectly documented sources? Don’t worry – if you place the order with ThePensters it will be ready on time!

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Why Is ThePensters Different?

We can boast of having all the best features of common writing services:

But we’ve also developed our own, unique approach to providing essay help:

  • You are in control. You make all the crucial decisions: how much you are willing to spend, who will work on your essay, what instructions to give.
  • No middleman between you and the writer. At any moment you are free to contact the writer to ask about progress or to further instruct him.
  • You pay for what is ready. You only have to pay when you decide the job is truly done.
  • It costs less. Our unique approach allows us to ask less for top-notch essay assistance than you would pay for semi-literate mess somewhere else.
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How Is It Possible?

ThePensters believe that writers and clients don’t need organizing and know perfectly well what they need. Therefore, we work as follows:

how it works Submit new order Get bids from writers Choose your writer

Step 1. You place an order through New Order button.

Step 2. Writers study your order details and place their bids, offering their prices.

Step 3. You study their offers and profiles and make a choice, judging by what you need most.

No uncertainties and no frustration – the entire process is completely transparent and secure. Being appointed as one of the reputed websites in the industry, we provide you with a chance to judge if the writer’s level of expertise is sufficient enough.

We guarantee that no matter who you choose only the best writers will work with you:

  1. Entry Testing. Only those freelance academic writers who pass a series of carefully compiled tests are given an opportunity to work for ThePensters.
  2. Writers’ ratings are based on real feedback. Every time our writer completes an assignment, the client has an opportunity to leave feedback and rating. Only those writers who consistently show high scores and are capable of upholding our standards are allowed to stay with ThePensters.

By choosing ThePensters you take full control over the fate of your assignment without having to perform a tedious duty of writing it on your own. Select from among the most impressive writers working in this field, direct their efforts, make sure you get your money’s worth – we are here to deliver the best academic writing that can be found on the Internet.