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Are you looking for a place where you can buy exploratory essays that will earn you good grades without paying an arm and a leg for them? Then ThePensters is the service for you – here you will find top-notch freelance academic writers ready to tackle any kind of academic assignments at a reasonable price.

What Problems Can ThePensters Deal with?

If it has anything to do with academic writing, we surely have specialists who are capable and eager to solve your problem for you – you simply have to place an order and describe what you need.

Your Problem

  • Inability to work with sources.
  • You are a foreign student and it shows in your English.
  • You feel you are unable to complete the task on time.
  • The topic is of no interest to you.
  • Too much other work to do.

Our Solution

  • Writers who collect and process information as a matter of course.
  • 400+ fluent English speakers with solid understanding of grammar and syntax.
  • Our freelance academic writers are used to working quickly and efficiently.
  • Our writers are enthusiastic about their work and do everything to deliver the highest possible quality.
  • We are ready to ease your burden and give you enough time to deal with other assignments.

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Why ThePensters?

If it’s not your first time of looking for a writing service, you probably know by now that they all offer about the same set of features:

  • expensive custom writing;
  • on-time delivery;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • money back guarantee;
  • zero plagiarism;
  • confidential and secure transactions.

ThePensters offers all this, and some other features to boot:

  • The choice of the writer is yours. The majority of writing services appoints random writers to your tasks. We give you access to our database and allow you to choose the freelance academic writer you want.
  • Direct conference. You may discuss all the details of your task with the writer, without proxies or delays.
  • Be your project manager. You don’t have to write anything, but you are in full control of the proceedings.
  • Superior quality, reasonable prices. In other services, the writer receives only a fraction of what you pay, which results in high costs and/or poor quality. We don’t charge additional fees, and that allows us to keep prices low and hire better freelance academic writers.
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How Do I Place an Order?

Placing an order with ThePensters is quick and easy – certainly quicker than writing on your own!

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Step 1. Click the New Order button and leave the description of your assignment.

Step 2. Give our writers some time to study your order and leave their bids.

Step 3. Check out their bids, compare what they have to offer and choose the writer who is best suited for the job.

After that, you simply have to wait a little bit and voila – your essay is ready.

Still have doubts concerning the quality of writing and our writers’ competency?

  1. All our writers are skilled at writing and well-versed within their chosen fields. We make sure about it via rigorous testing we subject them to.
  2. Feedback system. Each client is encouraged to leave feedback and grade the writer’s job, which gives you an impression of what this or that writer can do before you part with your money.

If you are tired of paying through the nose for inferior writing, getting swindled by unscrupulous fly-by-night companies or spending night after night on essay writing, try out ThePensters – and you will never look back!