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Want to buy essays on grammar but don’t know where to turn for all writing services look alike? Why not try something else – namely, ThePensters, the first academic writing company allowing customers and writers cooperate freely, the only service where you can choose the freelance academic writer who will work on your assignment.

How We Can Help You Out

Many years of writing essays have made our writers the best academic writers on the Internet. There is virtually no problem they cannot tackle.

Your Problem

  • Citation styles are all Greek to you.
  • As a non-native English speaker you have a lot of problems with grammar.
  • The necessary information sources are unobtainable.
  • The topic of your essay doesn’t make any sense.
  • The deadline is too tight.

Our Solution

  • Our writers know all citation styles inside out.
  • Over 400 English speaking freelance academic writers at your disposal.
  • Access to the best and fullest repositories of information.
  • There are specialists in all possible fields of knowledge.
  • Our writers are always quick on the uptake.

If grammar essay writing has already turned into a personal hell of yours, why not delegate it to somebody who will do the task much better and in half the time?

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We Offer What Others Cannot

Even the good writing services are rather limited in features they offer:

  • quick to react and helpful customer support;
  • confidential transactions;
  • reasonably formulated money back guarantee;
  • originality and satisfaction guarantee;
  • affordable prices;
  • constant availability.

We offer all of the above, and much more to boot:

  • We are truly affordable. It is made real by the way our service is organized. As writers and clients manage their own affairs, we don’t need overblown staff to keep track of it, which in turn allows us to keep prices low.
  • The writer is entirely your choice. We provide you with information on our 400+ writers, you are free to choose among them as you please.
  • Discuss paper details with your writer. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we allow clients and writers talk directly to each other.
  • Full control. You remain in control for the entire duration of the project. Ask for intermediate drafts, give additional instructions, answer the writer’s questions – take as much part as you want.
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ThePensters as Seen from the Inside

The main difference of ThePensters from other services is the way we organize our work. It is clear and simple.

how it works Submit new order Get bids from writers Choose your writer

Step 1. You submit the description of your task via a special New Order form.

Step 2. Writers study your order; those who are willing to work on it place their bids (price and comments) on it.

Step 3. After a while, you look through the bids, the data available in writers’ profiles, and choose the writer who seems to be the best contractor under the circumstances.

It is quick, intuitive and simple.

But what about the quality of the writers themselves?

  1. Each of them is tested. When a writer shows an intention to work for ThePensters, he/she has to write a series of tests that determine his/her expertise and language skills.
  2. Each of them is constantly rated. Each customer has a right to rate the work of the writer who worked for him/her, and the average rating along with customers’ comments is publicly available on the website.

ThePensters has developed an innovative approach to the standard writing service formula. The fact that we’ve been around for quite some time and still have some of the highest rates of customer retention and satisfaction clearly shows that the system works – and we hope you will be able to reap its benefits as well.