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Personal Statement Writing Service with Authentic Individual Approach

If you ever wondered if it is possible to get a really good personal essay by paying money, then the answer is ‘yes’. ThePensters goes beyond a usual writing service – we use our own unique system of work organization that allows us to always satisfy the needs of our customers.

ThePensters Is Here to Help

The exact nature of your problem doesn’t actually matter all that much – when you come to us, you may be sure we will deal with it swiftly and efficiently.

Your Problem

  • Insufficient time.
  • Too much other work to do.
  • You always confuse the guidelines from different writing formats.
  • You are a non-native English speaker, which shows in your grammar.
  • You don’t know the subject matter well enough.

Our Solution

  • Our writers are ready to do your task for you.
  • Your writer will concentrate solely on your assignment.
  • Our writers know all ins and outs of traditional formatting styles.
  • Our freelance academic writers are mostly native English speakers.
  • Our writers are all specialists in their chosen fields.

Do written assignments occupy an uncomfortably large portion of your time? Is writing a personal essay a chore you would rather avoid? Do you have to spend nights without sleep to catch up with your writing?

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ThePensters Is Different. Seriously

ThePensters is unique because we’ve taken a look at what makes a good writing service and made sure we have it:

  • you can contact us at any time;
  • all our transactions remain between you and us;
  • no plagiarism, ever;
  • money back guarantee in case something is amiss;
  • helpful customer support;
  • you may pay for your assignments part by part.

But we’ve even gone further, adding a few features of our own:

  • It’s your decision who writes for you. We only give you the database of our freelance academic writers – then you choose who suits you best.
  • You can discuss your project directly with the writer. In most other services you have to communicate with the writer via customer support; with ThePensters, you can talk directly to him.
  • We go on until the work is done. Be sure your writer will continue to revise and rewrite the essay until you are completely satisfied.
  • Our services are affordable. We don’t overcharge you like other writing services.
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How We Manage It All

What makes ThePensters different from other writing services is the way we organize our work.

how it works Submit new order Get bids from writers Choose your writer

Step 1. You leave the description of your order via New Order form.

Step 2. Writers peruse this project and leave their bids: how much they ask for this work, how long it will take and so on.

Step 3. You study their offers, compare information in writers’ profiles, the quality of their previous works, reviews by other clients, and finally you choose a writer that seems the best.

As you may see, getting personal essay help from ThePensters is easy and fun.

And there’s no reason to worry about the qualifications of your writer:

  1. Firstly, we carefully test our freelance writers. Before hiring a new freelance academic writer, we test their knowledge of English, writing and formatting styles, understanding of the topic and so on.
  2. Secondly, our writers are constantly being reevaluated. After receiving an essay from one of our writers, clients have an opportunity to evaluate the quality of work and service. Only the writers with consistently high ratings stay with us for a long time.

If you don’t trust any of the writing services indiscriminately, there is still a good reason to make an exception for ThePensters – for the sheer reason that we are not exactly a writing service. We are more like a community of like-minded people, concentrated on the idea of providing affordable academic writing for everyone. Try our service now – you won’t be disappointed.