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The most challenging period in one’s academic career is pursuing a PhD degree. Those who are going for it should be proficient enough, in academic writing, to write a PhD application essay. The main difference with PhD level writing is that, previously, you had to analyze and compile existing information; now you have to create some new content.

Problems that Can Occur with PhD Essays

  • sometimes students are required to take extra classes to be approved for a degree
  • some students have poor writing skills
  • the level of writing proficiency is far too inadequate

Every university has its own requirements which might differ from those commonly accepted. Besides, these requirements can be different for different disciplines. PhD students have to take extra credits, or attend additional classes, which require more PhD essays to be written. Everybody understands that PhD essay writing requires top quality writing. However, the number of assignments can leave a student pressed for time. Another problem occurs when a person is knowledgeable enough, as far as the subject is concerned, but has poor writing skills. Thus, academic writing requirements may present a problem, even for a talented student.

Academic Help with PhD Essays

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  • freelance PhD level writers are experienced in their field and know what it takes to get a desired degree
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We, at ThePensters, have hired professional freelance writers who are experienced in various disciplines. This is clearly evident in the PhD essay examples posted on our site. Moreover, we provide academic help for any PhD essay topics and citation styles. Your paper can be written in APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago style, but it makes no difference – we can deal with any of them.

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In order to provide you with the best academic writing assistance for your PhD essays, we have created an exclusive system of features that can help you select the writer of your preference. Our brand new Free Inquiry option is an easy and convenient way to select your writer. You simply need to forward your PhD essay topics to us and the writers who are interested in your paper, and are capable of completing it, will apply for the order, leaving their bids for your order. After that, you can select the one you like, having clearly seen all their characteristics. Another feature that is worth your attention is our great database, which contains a great number of degree holding freelance writers who are at your service. Based on their scores, professional qualifications and personal profiles, you can select the one of your liking. Moreover, you can check the PhD essay examples done by our writers.