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ThePensters – the New Kind of Writing Service with Essay Samples

Welcome to ThePensters – the only writing service based on direct cooperation between freelance academic writers and clients. We believe that customers know better what papers they do need, and authors know better what they can do. With that belief, confirmed by numerous brilliant examples of students making it through college with our help, and now ingrained in our mind, we allow these two parties to choose each other as they see fit. We encourage you to ask as many questions as it will suffice for you to finally say: “I can rest assure that my term paper is reliable hands.” As a result, you only hire those freelance writers whom you select and who are able to help you! Take one of many example essays we provide and see for yourself.

How Can ThePensters Assist You?

When you come to ThePensters, don’t ask if it is possible to do something – for there is virtually no academic task we are not ready to deal with. Be it the requirement of extensive research on one of the numerous topics in no man’s land or anything else.

Your Problem

  • You have too much to do, but too little time.
  • Essay writing is a formality, you won’t need it in your career.
  • You don’t know where to find information sources.
  • You are a foreign student and have problems with written English.
  • Your writing skills are insufficient.

Our Solution

  • You delegate your task to our professional freelance academic writer.
  • OK. So why waste your time on it? Let a professional help you!
  • Our writers know all the best places to look for information.
  • We only hire native speakers who can prove their knowledge.
  • Each of our writers is an expert in his or her field.

Have you been staring at a blank page for the last 3 hours? Are you sick and tired of studying innumerable essay samples trying to understand how to do something similar?

Then imagine being able to eliminate All these problems in one click We give you this opportunity — just press Try it Now button Try it now

What Is Different about Us?

All the best qualities of the regular writing services still apply to us:

  • zero tolerance towards plagiarism;
  • customer’s satisfaction or money-back guarantee;
  • round-the-clock accessibility;
  • confidential & secure transactions;
  • option to pay in installments;
  • first-rate customer support.

But on top of that we attribute our success to our truly unique features:

  • You select who is going to work for you. We provide you with a database of freelance academic writers and all possible information about them – the choice itself is yours.
  • No intermediaries between writers and clients. You discuss the details of your assignment directly with the writer.
  • You decide yourself when the job is complete. The assignment is considered done only after you say so.
  • It costs less. We do our best to make our services as affordable as possible.
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How We Manage It

You probably ask yourself: how can a writing service achieve all this? It is very simple, really – it’s all about our work process.

how it works Submit new order Get bids from writers Choose your writer

Step 1. You formulate your order and place it on our website via New Order.

Step 2. Our writers peruse your assignment and leave their bids, offering the terms on which they are willing to deal with it.

Step 3. You look through their bids, information in their profiles, and a sample of essay by the author that interests you, and then decide which contractor to select.

As you may well see, it is simple and fun – you have complete control over the process yet you don’t have to write anything on your own!

What’s more important, you may be completely sure that the writer you choose is perfectly fit to tackle your problem.

  1. Application testing. Firstly, before being hired our writers pass a number of tests determining if they are capable of maintaining the reputation of ThePensters.
  2. Dynamic feedback system. Secondly, see the rating near the name of each writer? It is based on scores given to him by all his previous customers. This is the most reliable way of getting real picture of the writer in question.

ThePensters combine the best features of writing an essay on your own and hiring somebody to do it: you exercise full control over what and how is written without having to do it yourself. This is the perfect arrangement for those who care about their academic record but need more free time!