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The research paper presents a quite specific kind of academic writing. In addition to the diversity of research methodologies and variations of concepts to be applied, we can add the choice of research paper topics. The main concern with the research paper topics is that they should correspond to the objectives of the study and aims of the research performed in the paper. That is what makes choosing a research paper topic so challenging and difficult. So, when you are assigned to complete a similar task, begin with research paper topics.

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Tips on How to Generate a Great Research Paper Topic:

  • remember that a good paper topic is always appealing and interesting to the reader;
  • make the topic sound innovative and fresh;
  • narrow the topic down so that it can be appropriately addressed within the length of the paper.

Every research paper topic starts with a broad field of the discipline in which you are writing. Then, you select the narrowed focus on the topic and think of the best way to approach your research to it. That will help you develop research paper topic ideas. Remember that good research paper topics are always appealing and interesting to the potential reader. That is why it is better to choose something current, something that can be interested not only for the people involved in the field but for the others as well. Persuasive research paper topic ideas will come as a result of constant brainstorming, preliminary research, and a comparison of your thoughts with those of other students. Make your ideas sound fresh and innovative even if the subject itself appears to be quite trite. The topic should be narrow enough to reveal the essence and the purpose of your research but not too narrow. It should allow for discussion and further analysis. Ensure to choose the title for your research project - be it an argumentative or analytical one – that will enable you to read and comprehend the literature in English.

The Risks of Using Free Research Paper Topics:

  • there are numbers of topic ideas on the Internet;
  • free research paper topics can serve only as examples;
  • the research paper topics online are available for the public and can be used by anyone.

To get research paper topic ideas, students go online where there are a great number of suggestions related to many disciplines. For this reason, there exist some web pages created in order to help students get an understanding of what makes a good research paper topic and to see examples. They have an opportunity to find the right answers to the simple and tough questions of any nature. Sometimes students mistakenly start using research paper topic examples as their own. This is very inappropriate because the suggestions posted there are available for the public and can be used by anybody, even your classmates. Such practices can lead to issues of plagiarism. Therefore, please remember that whenever you come across a list of research paper topics, do not rush to copy the topic you like for your writing assignment. Use research paper topic examples for inspiration and as a guideline to create your own great topic. Be careful with handling somebody's intellectual property since today most colleges and universities have very strict policies regarding academic dishonesty which can be unintentionally committed by using free term paper topics.

How to Order a Research Paper with a Great Topic:

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Research Paper Topic Examples

  • U.S. companies that transit factories to undeveloped nations barely pay employees enough to live on. Is it unethical to pay cheap wages or are companies doing those workers a favor?
  • What are the justifications for terrorism?
  • Who is responsible for airline accidents? Should families of victims receive compensation?
  • How and when is breaking a law justifiable?
  • Should it be illegal to deny the Holocaust?
  • Do juvenile offenders receive severe enough punishments?
  • Should coal be subjected to stricter laws than other kinds of fuel?
  • Is there one true religion? If so, what proof of it is there?
  • Why and how are child soldiers used in war?
  • Should there be a constitutional amendment allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally?