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Students have to submit a dissertation, or a thesis. However, before presenting a thesis, students are required to write a thesis proposal, which can be explained as a summary of the work. A committee reviews the thesis proposal and validates the relevance of the topic. If there is no value in the topic chosen by the student, the thesis proposal may be rejected. Therefore, writing a good thesis proposal is very important.

Writing a Winning Thesis Proposal

If you want to write a rocking thesis or dissertation proposal, you certainly need to get the hang of the structure.

  • title page;
  • abstract;
  • outline/table of contents (not required if only two pages long);
  • introduction;
  • thesis statement;
  • methods and approach;
  • preliminary discussions and results;
  • work plan with timetable;
  • implication of research;
  • list of references/bibliography.

These are important elements of the structure which suggest how to write a winning thesis proposal. It becomes easier to write a thesis proposal, when you break the thesis writing assignment into steps. This way, you can concentrate on each procedure. Moreover, writing thesis proposal involves the usage of correct formats and styles. Even so, the material presented in the proposal forms the basis of the thesis.

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