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A Complete Manual on Admission Essay Writing: It’s Time to Rock!

An admission essay is one of the most important pieces of writing you are ever going to work on. The topic you select, your ability to cover it, your personal style – all these things define whether you will be accepted into the college of your choice. Therefore, it pays… Read More →

How to Master Annotated Bibliography Writing

Writing an annotated bibliography for your paper is probably the most annoying, time-consuming and boring task you are going to face throughout your education. Yet, depressing as it is, each serious piece of academic writing is supposed to include one, and even the slightest mistake may call for doing the… Read More →

Improving Your Critical Thinking Writing

The importance of critical thinking in academic work can hardly be overestimated. On the one hand, assignments on critical thinking constitute a considerable part of any curriculum. On the other hand, even when an assignment does not belong to this category, you are still expected to exercise your critical thinking… Read More →

How to Write a Presentation and Rock When You Speak

At a glance it may seem that preparing a presentation is more or less similar to writing an essay: there are the same basic parts, the same attention paid to the logical progression of ideas and smooth transition between them. However, there is one huge difference – a presentation is… Read More →

How to Write an Awesome Speech

Contrary to a popular belief, speech writing isn’t difficult. Speeches are just too different from more conventional types of texts – unlike essays, theses, dissertations and suchlike, speeches combine the elements of both written and spoken word; and it is exactly what baffles even those who are good with words…. Read More →

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