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How to Write a Presentation and Rock When You Speak

At a glance it may seem that preparing a presentation is more or less similar to writing an essay: there are the same basic parts, the same attention paid to the logical progression of ideas and smooth transition between them. However, there is one huge difference – a presentation is… Read More →

How to Write an Awesome Speech

Contrary to a popular belief, speech writing isn’t difficult. Speeches are just too different from more conventional types of texts – unlike essays, theses, dissertations and suchlike, speeches combine the elements of both written and spoken word; and it is exactly what baffles even those who are good with words…. Read More →

Writing a First-Class Book Report

Compared with many other academic assignments, writing a book report doesn’t look like much. How difficult it may be – just read the book, then write about what it was like. Right? Wrong. This approach may be more or less appropriate in primary school, but it would certainly look utterly… Read More →

Everything You Need to Know about How to Write a Dissertation

Irrespectively of the discipline you study, the dissertation will most likely be the most significant and difficult piece of independent work you perform as a student. It will occupy a fair amount of your time, resources and attention, which means that you should approach the task with all seriousness. This… Read More →

An In-Depth Manual on How to Write a Research Paper

How to Choose a Topic The first and arguably the most important step in writing a research paper is choosing a topic you will not regret later on – depending on the size and type of your paper, you may spend from days to months working on it. Compared with… Read More →

How to Write an Essay: an Ultimate Guide

Essays are probably the most common task you are going to encounter in your academic career. They often come up as class and homework assignments in middle and high school and are always used as a part of college admission process: you are going to write them throughout college and,… Read More →

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